Eager to place us as a leading company in our sector, we offer a wide range of services to cover all the expectations you could have and even more!

Wilfried Private Car - Chauffeur Privé Rennes - Chauffeur VTC Rennes - VTC Rennes - Mariage

A VTC for your wedding, outing, party etc.

From a simple route of correspondence between a train station, an airport or a hotel via long journeys including a change of city or even country between your place of departure and arrival, we respond to all your requests!

For each of your events, such as a wedding, a concert, a Convention, a salon and many others, we offer our services. Do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone to inform us of your expectations.

Let yourself be tempted by our tourist circuits

Company of VTC based in Rennes, Wilfried private car innovates and offers you its service of tourist circuits to make you and your loved ones discover our beautiful Breton and Norman regions.

Discover with us the Mont St Michel and the beautiful cities that are St Malo, Dinan, Rennes, beautiful island at sea, Crozon, Carnac, Brest, Concarneau or Rance… You will not regret the trip!

Wilfried Private Car - Chauffeur Privé Mont Saint Michel- Chauffeur VTC Mont Saint Michel - VTC Mont Saint Michel
Wilfried Private Car - Chauffeur Privé Rennes - Chauffeur VTC Rennes - VTC Rennes - Van 7 places

A provision according to your desire

Because some of these services require a large availability, our private drivers remain at your disposal as long as you want, whether it’s for a few hours or even several days.

Can we really do more for you?